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Frank Horrigan is a secret service agent who keeps thinking back to November 22, 1963, when, as a hand-picked agent by President Kennedy, he became one of the few agents to have lost a President to an assassin when Kennedy died. Now, former CIA assassin Mitch Leary is stalking the current President, who is running for re-election. Mitch has spent long hours studying Horrigan, and he taunts Horrigan, telling him of his plans to kill the President. Leary plans to kill the president because Leary feels betrayed by the government – Leary was removed from the CIA, and the CIA is now trying to have him killed. After talking to Leary, Horrigan makes sure he is assigned to presidential protection duty, working with fellow secret service agent Lilly Raines. Horrigan has no intention of failing his President this time around, and he's more than willing to take a bullet. White House Chief of Staff Harry Sargent refuses to alter the President's itinerary, while Horrigan's boss, Secret Service Director Sam Campagna, is supportive of Horrigan. As the election gets closer, Horrigan begins to doubt his own abilities, especially when Horrigan's colleague Al D'Andrea is killed by Leary. But Horrigan may be the only one who can stop Leary.
Veteran Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan is a man haunted by his failure to save President Kennedy while serving protection detail in Dallas. Thirty years later, a man calling himself "Booth" threatens the life of the current President, forcing Horrigan to come back to protection detail to confront the ghosts from his past.
Secret agent Frank Horrigan is a man of his past; his past being the assassination of John F Kennedy, of whose protection he was in-charge of. After his failure to prevent the assassination, he is only a former shell of himself. He does odd jobs, regarded by his colleagues with scorn and has nothing to look forward to in his life, until an assassin called Mitch Leary threatens to kill the President. Now Frank finds himself reliving the past with the heavy burden of his failure, the mistrust of his fellow agents, his guilt and the inevitable doomsday in which he must outsmart the energetic and cunning assassin.<br/><br/>If so much of what you&#39;ve read so far seems oh-so-familiar and predictable, it&#39;s because it is familiar and done to death. As is to be expected of such suspense thriller films, the plot involves the aging, disgruntled, insecure hero; the alluring fellow agent heroine; the cunning assassin who comes so close to killing the president but is stopped at the nick of time; the hero&#39;s partner who&#39;s aspiring to retire but is killed eventually…. so on and hence forth.<br/><br/>Clint Eastwood plays the insecure hero and that demands that he play it without his usual charm, style or sarcasm which is a drag because that is what makes his acting memorable.<br/><br/>John Malkovich plays the cunning assassin but unfortunately, he does not have much to do rather than to taunt the hero in all the usual tried and tested methods.<br/><br/>Rene Russo plays the alluring fellow agent heroine whose role involves mischievous temptation and then unwavering support.<br/><br/>Without this star crew, one can imagine what sort of a reception this movie might have made and it is only because of these actors that one can sit through the painfully familiar and predictable story. The entire story hangs on the shoulder of Clint Eastwood, but what can he do with a role which demands that he can never do anything he is famous for. He can not have any sarcastic one liners or be a badass or even sport his usual sardonic look.<br/><br/>The director of the movie is Wolfgang Petersen who directed such nerve wrecking thrillers like Air force one, The Perfect storm and Poseidon. A good director who paled after his best works Das Boot and Never ending story. In the line of fire is a movie that you can see if you are bored and not in the mood for anything serious at all but is best left untouched otherwise.
……because it IS Dirty Harry. OK plot/acting/ photography/music score…..and a remake of Dirty Harry. Tell me how it is different. Cop who is at odds with his superiors is pitted against a psychopathic killer that somehow is too clever to be caught, and is especially sinister. Sort of but doesn&#39;t get along with a partner. Sort of but doesn&#39;t really hook up with sultry female costar. Vindicates himself in the end with the villain finally getting his just desserts. The whole movie peppered with cheesy lines stolen from an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that were originally stolen from a Clint Eastwood movie. It is possible to sit through this movie but you are not seeing anything original.
Eastwood hasn't had this much fun with a role in years, and his joy is contagious.
The old British BBFC 15 versions are all cut by approx. 8 seconds. Several death scenes were affected, e.g. the killing with a plastic bag, the breaking of necks and a shootout. All cuts were waived for the Blu-ray release. An empty pistol is considerably lighter than one with a clip loaded, an untrained civilian might not be able to tell the difference, but someone with proficient firearms training can. This is not an exact science, however, as it does not account for chambered rounds. Horrigan could tell by the weight that there was not a clip in the pistol. There could have still been one in the chamber, but his instincts suggested there was not, and in this instance, his instincts proved right. He also thumbs back the hammer allowing him to see there is no round in the chamber.
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